Sand and Water

Park View’s fantastic outdoor sand and water area is themed on the local environment, with seaside planting, seating areas and equipment to explore, play and experiment with including water wheels, hand pumps, water channels, dams and pulley systems for moving sand.

This facility opened in 2015, funded from the Costal community Fund, this facility has been a popular addition to our facilities. Park View’s outdoor sand and water area supports Beach School learning, giving the children the freedom to explore and experiment. This large area includes water wheels, hand pumps, an Archimedes screw, channels, damming systems and a pulley system for moving sand.

Rules of play

This is an unsupervised site and is for children under the age of 8.

All children of 3 years and under should always be under direct supervision of a responsible adult.

Dogs are not allowed in the play area.

Please refrain from smoking near children and in our play area.